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Transport and Public Infrastructures

Since its inception, the Firm has been assisting developers in the completion of projects and major public facilities, from their creation through to their completion whether this concerns the energy, transport or telecommunications sector.

We have adopted a pragmatic and operational approach in our missions in order to ensure our clients a perfect understanding of the risks and challenges of the procedures to which they are facing.

The Firm also liaises in this area with engineering offices or specialized firms in the technical, programmatic and financial areas.

The Firm has significant expertise in littoral law acquired through Henri Coulombie’s know-how and renowned experience, one of the firm’s founding partners and author of several reference works on Littoral Law (“Droit du littoral et de la montagne”, co-authored with Claudine Le Marchand, Litec; “Jurisclasseur Construction-Urbanisme”, “Aménagement et protection du littoral” and “Loi no.82-2 du 3 janvier 1986: réglementation des espaces”).

Furthermore, the Firm benefits from significant experience in port legislation.


The Firm is involved in this area in the matters concerning:

  • The construction of roads and highways;
  • The construction of hospitals;
  • The construction of prisons;
  • The construction of law courts;
  • The construction of ports and airports.